Saudi Arabia to build Red Sea bridge to Egypt

Saudi Arabia


By Ramadan Al Sherbini, Correspondent

Cairo: Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Al Sissi Friday said that a current visit to his country by Saudi King Salman Abdul Aziz heralds a “strategic partnership” between the two Arab allied countries.

2b11-300x167 Saudi Arabia to build Red Sea bridge to Egypt
A route of the proposed King Salman Bridge linking Saudi Arabia and Egypt, circulated on social media on Frida

“This visit lays down a solid foundation for a strategic partnership be-tween Egypt and Saudi Arabia and confronting unprecedented challenges the region,” the Egyptian leader told a joint press conference with the Saudi monarch.

“Coordination with Saudi Arabia represents a real springboard towards solving the region’s problems,” Al Sissi added at the conference, refer-ring to turbulence in Syria, Libya and Yemen.

Egypt is a partner to a Saudi-led military coalition that has since March 2015 been undertaking an aerial campaign in Yemen against rebels backed by Iran that is Saudi Arabia’s regional rival. More info