Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Tunnel building in Riyadh in temperatures reaching 50+ degrees

Owenie McBride from Gaoth Dobhair in the Donegal Gaeltacht is working as a construction manager on the Riyadh Metro Project, which he says is...

Riyadh Metro Construction update

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Western Metro Station

Western station is located on 12,500 square meters, in the central vegetable market site in the western Swedish neighborhood and meet the train path...

تصميم محطة العليا

تقع محطة العليا على أرض مساحتها 11 ألف متر مربع، وتبلغ مساحة المحطة الإجمالية (28.000 متر مربع)، جنوب طريق الملك عبدالله عند التقاء مسار...

Saudi developer to build office tower in Riyadh

Saudi-based developer, Annan Real Estate, is set to build a new 35-storey office tower in the heart of Riyadh. The tower will boast an innovative...

10 Giant Infrastructure Projects with the Potential to Reshape the World

In a previous blog we took a look at infrastructure projects that could have been but never were. Now, we're taking a look at 10...

Riyadh Metro materials testing deal awarded

Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS), a consulting organisation in the field of construction materials and geotechnical engineering, has been awarded a contract to carry...

FCC consortium wins top award for Riyadh metro work

A consortium led by Spanish construction giant FCC has been named the Global Tunnelling Team of the Year at the New Civil Engineer Tunnelling...

Sample installation of side barriers yellow line heading for the airport...

Sample installation of side barriers yellow line heading for the airport project. These barriers will give the upper bridges a beautiful shape